currently i am:
sitting is my husband's Starbucks. wearing a new shirt i am loving, $1 at a thrift store, which makes me love it even more. drinking my usual. admiring my newly painted green nails. and thinking about some dreams. of mine. and of ours.

here they are:
open my own boutique shop. i have no idea how this will happen, if it will happen, or when, or where, or all that junk you need to know to actually make a dream happen. it is a very far off dream. so far off maybe it won't happen. but i am fond of it none-the-less. 

i want to open a coffee/vintage/handmade shop. it would have vintage items that i collect from thrift stores, antique stores, garage sales, etc. i want to display handmade items from local artists and crafters wanting to sell their products. jewelry that someone thought was ugly and gave to a thrift store, just waiting for someone to come along and realize it's coolness and make it their favorite piece. the couch with a field of daisies on it thought to be gross and way out dated that some artsy man would just have to have. it would have vintage clothes that most people don't desire to find hidden in the racks of the thrift store but suddenly realize are amazing once placed in a boutique.

there would be couches and tables and chairs for people to congregate and work on homework or have a chat with a friend. it wouldn't be too cold like some coffee shops that make your toes into permafrost. it wouldn't be too expensive like some boutiques that it just makes your heart hurt to go into because you know there is no way you will ever be able to afford anything there. 

the dream has been surfaced, it was so unknown and unheard of in the corner of my head. it was hidden under layers of love for it itself. it has been given a voice on this page and the page behind your eye. so let us wait and see what becomes of it. and what it becomes will be a dream of a whole different fabric.

it would be perfect. 
in my mind's eye it is perfect.

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