i finally got some pictures taken of our home! my little sister Britta brought her camera to allow me to take some photos when she visited last week. she is awesome and a great photographer, AND only  14. i hope you enjoy a peek into our apartment, i have loved making it our own, and there is still work to do...yay : )

 the couch i wrote about a while back...isn't it great? i think so....
 the "M" i made for part of our wedding decorations found a home

 my teacup set i found at a garage sale for $8

 Michael's loves...his old books.

 the guest book i made for the wedding
 this will be my very own corner : ) it is super messy and unorganized but (hopefully) soon i will get some time to put shelves up and start organizing, i am so excited to get my new sewing machine too!

 looking into the living room from the kitchen.

 my favorite little birdie i got as a bridal shower gift

 kitchen table.
 One of our mis-matched chairs, all of our chairs and furniture we got either at thrift store, garage sales, antique stores, and even some out of a dumpster!

 dish towel my mom sewed for me : )

 a map of South America...a present from Michael that has lots of notes from him to me and things that are special to us around it.

the hallway up to our apartment, i love the wallpaper!

well that's a peek into our home, i hope you enjoyed it.... i sure love living here.


  1. Wow. I love this. I knew you were good at decorating (see: your dorm), but this is way beyond what I pictured. You're awesome.

  2. -The windows in the 1st picture are great!! Good idea for decoration/room divider.
    -In the kitchen table picture, the M in the black frame is from Hobby Lobby isn't it...I love that place!
    -What a great idea of Michael's with the South America gift. Derek and I just have a box of all our things that we go through every once in a while, but I really like being able to see the important things!
    -I love all of your scarves!
    Awesome job Mrs. Moran :)

    -Brooke D.

  3. love it - hope we can come see it in person sometime!

    Nancy Pretre

  4. Your place is beautiful! I love it!

  5. Love love love. The windows in that first picture are great.

  6. absolutely adorable! Aunt V

  7. so glad the little birdie found a great place to perch.

  8. Danae - Your home is so cute...you did a great job!! I really like the guest book you made for your wedding...any chance you will post a tutorial? I'd love to learn how to make one!!! please, oh, please! :)

    Diane Pena

  9. hmmmm.. i like this place, looks familiar haha
    thanks again for letting me stay in this movie-like apartment! and i wish that you and mike will always be blessed in this sweet place:)


  10. Holy COOOOOW, Danae!!!
    I LOVE your place. How COZY!!!
    So so so so so so cute. I want to live somewhere just like this.


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