the sand was hot under his feet and he giggled a high giggle.
he giggled a little higher as the water grabbed his toes.
he laughed and was swooped up into an embrace.
his chin straining to keep above the lake water, his eyes squeezed shut to try to keep the water out, while still keeping the security of a slit of sight.
he ran to shore, his face showing his nervous excitement, drops flying off his curly hair, and his head bobbing up and down.
grabbing for the towel full of sand, he wiped off his face, leaving a smear on his brown face.
he looked at me with his sparkling blue eyes, full of pure joy.
pure joy because of something so simple.
running hard, falling over in the sand, feeling the warm sun, having someone play with you, throwing a ball, and being brave enough to walk into the water alone up to your chest.
and it did me some good.

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