so... i want a tattoo. that's nothing new, i have for a while. i never seem to know what i want. and i still don't, michael mentioned a bird tattoo idea, and it has been on my mind a lot lately...who knows. i wanted my nose pierced for about a year before i actually got up the courage to do it, and i have never regretted it. it's one of my favorite features i think, if that isn't too conceited or weird to say. anyways, here are a few bird tattoo photos i found that caught my eye...who knows.

my husby has one tattoo, and wants more, which is awesome i think. we have similar taste with piercings and tattoos...i appreciate that.

 i like the idea of the tree and bird. i like both of those...

 this photo is sweet..although i would never get a tattoo on my hands.
the small outlined birds in clusters seem to be winning my affections. 


p.s. if you read my blog, let me know! it's been really fun to hear from people i've never even met before that they read my blog, it's really encouraging!


  1. watch out. bird tattoos are super cliché.
    & no offense, but a piercing isn't a feature.

  2. haha thanks for the comment but i'm not going to change what i think about my tastes and thoughts because an "anonymous" person said something a little mean.

  3. I think the birds are lovely, and if they express yourself in some way then there is no way for them to be cliché :)

  4. I think the hands one is cool, but maybe on the bottom of your feet? I'm not a big tattoo/piercing fan though (although I do love your husband's tattoo).

  5. I love the little cluster of birds! I think it is so perfect (I'm a big bird fan, too!). Plus, for your first tattoo, it's nice to have something small(ish) to ensure that you're really going to love having a tattoo. Plus, when are birds ever going to get old? Never!

  6. i always wanted a tattoo too, and sat on the idea for about 6 months for i actually got mine and i still love it..and i have a friend who has a tattoo similair to the girl with the red lips and its beautiful!


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