So yesterday I was in a slight bit of a grumpy mood. We had to stop at a gas station, where we had to buy some sugar and paper towels, etc. Boring stuff. Michael had a mini scare because he left his wallet, I had mine so it was ok. After swiping my card I grabbed the recite to sign it, I started grinning and looked at Michael, he was grinning too. I signed it, Danae Moran. The bad mood had been signed off with that signature, and we left feeling happy. Just a tidbit from yesterday.

Driving home from the lake:


  1. It's weird writing your name for the first time like that, isn't it? My first time was at the DMV when I had to get my new license with my new last name. I wrote my first name and then got to my last name and had to pause, because I realized I hadn't written it before in a signature, and I didn't know how to sign my name! lol


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