God is love.

everyone worries about you, you know.
some wonder where you have gone and if you will come back to them.
some say they don't care about you, but then they say they want this part of you.
it doesn't make much sense.
they put more makeup on their faces and buy that nice dress to try to convice someone that they should give part of you to them.
they don't really see what they need, do they.
sometimes people see you in the faces of others, you are good at that.
you take so many forms and yet why is it so hard to find your face in some people?
why do you do what you do?
i know i've found you. in fact i think you found me. i know you did.
for I grasped onto you and you showed me that side of you everyone worries about.
i don't worry about that too much anymore.
only sometimes.

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