good morning world. today is saturday and i get to work pretty much all day. but before then i get to go to the fargo arts in the park day, which since i love arts and parks, is an exciting event. it is the weekend of barnesville potato days, which i will not be attending for the first time in a long while. the more time goes by, the more i feel disconnected from home, not from my family at all, just the town itself, which is inevitable i suppose. a lot of people bash barnesville and say how awful and boring it is, but i like it. it's a good place with good people and just because it doesn't have a big skyscraper or local coffee shop does not mean it should be loathed upon.

last week was the first week of chi alpha, which was just amazing. i met tons of new freshman and transfers and i am absolutely giddy with excitement for this coming year and what God is going to do and who he is going to change. i can't wait to be a part of it all. my friend samantha is leading a small group in my sister kari's dorm this year, and i got to plug a lot of people in to their group, which i hope to be a part of as much as i can (michael and i are going to be also be a part of a small group for newlyweds). i really love the ministy of xa and how good it is at making people feel welcome and pulling them into a group a friends that will encourage them and point them towards Jesus, it really is amazing.

classes are really sweet so far, except for one. i am taking research methods and i think i will die almost every week with the amount of homework and research we will be doing, it is going to be really challenging, but i know i'll learn a lot. social work is an awesome major, and i love it, i'm kind of in a hurry but i want to write more about it some time.

have an awesome saturday and don't forget to do something just for you even if you have loads of homework or work or that boring stuff. OH and our friend justin carlson who took lots of photos for us at our wedding posted two of them on his flikr site (click here and here to view them), we will be getting the whole disk of his sweet work so i will try to post some soon!

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