I spent the morning with Michael, which is the best type of morning. Michael made some delicious waffles, and he told me the eggs I made were wonderful. While we ate in our pjs, we talked via Skype with my family abroad. We sat and caught up on life happenings and how my new little brother is handling life as an Iverson. He's doing well and Isaac is adjusting more and more every day. My poor sister Sophie is bored out of her mind though. She is very social and loves hanging out with her friends, so staying inside all day with no friends is not very fun for her. She's been a trooper and I know my parents are thankful for her help with the boys, two 4 year olds can be kinda crazy sometimes.

While at work my client wanted to go garage sale-ing and I of course did not object. We hit a jack pot of vintage clothing and I was so excited. I might go back tomorrow to look through the piles some more. The past few weeks I have found so many awesome things at thrift stores and garage sales that look like they are straight from an Urban Outfitters catalog. This has been pushing me towards making my (future) etsy store a vintage clothing site. I really don't have the room in our 390 square foot apartment for any more things, and I really don't need any more things, even though I do love them. So once we pick up our Canon Rebel TSi camera in the cities next weekend, I will start shooting some of my items to get the shop up and rolling. If any of you have Etsy shops or retail advice, I'd love to hear it!



  1. 1. I think a clothing store sounds awesome! I had an etsy store for awhile, but I just got too busy with life to keep up with it. Mine's probably a different scenario though, because I made hair clips (and did custom orders). I think it'd be a lot easier to just buy things and sell it when you already have the item. Getting to the post office often is a pain in the butt though.

    2. 390 square feet?! Oh goodness! We have 1000 square feet in our apartment, and I am already feeling like it's way too small for us! haha. I can't imagine less than half of our space. We're attempting to clear out space to make room for a baby sometime, and we're majorly struggling with how to get that done.

    3. Yay for new cameras! I have a Rebel (XSi), and I love it. Watch out though. Pretty soon you'll be drooling over lenses and better cameras and other accessories and wondering how you can save up thousands of dollars to buy them. lol

  2. Thanks for the advice Kari : ) And yes I know 390 sq ft is small believe me!! But It is excellent for keeping yourself organized and living somewhat-simply and we LOVE it. I am overly excited for the camera! I have heard of the lenses drool and will do my best to stay away haha.


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