I'm excited to meet my friend and old roommate Angela today for coffee. She is such a great girl and I haven't really talked to her all summer, so it will be great to catch up. 
It's been raining cats and dogs here, and I woke up SO many times to cracks of thunder and rain pounding on our windows last night.
Today I get to hang out with my sister Kari for the afternoon before I head off to work for a few hours tonight. She is a wonderful and beautiful sister and I'm excited to have her close this year as we both will be going to school at MSUM.
Oh! I added on my left side bar a 'Friend's Blogs' section, check out some of my friends who also have sweet blogs (and if you are my friend and I forgot you: 1. I'm sorry and 2. Let me know and I'll add you!).

I love the colors in this photo and the use of indoor-to-outdoor styling.


  1. You're welcome! I love reading your blog so don't stop posting : )


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