It's 9am and I'm sitting in my dark apartment. Today Michael's work schedule happens to be complete opposite of mine, so he is gone the first half of the day, and me the second half. We won't see each other between 6am and 10pm : ( It kinda sucks, but its ok, its not like that every day. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at home helping my sister Kari move out of her room, she moves into the dorms at MSUM today! Being that my whole family is gone, I am really the only immediate family in the area to help her move. She is going to be living with our cousin Erika, who is also a freshman this year.

 Kari and I back in the day.

 We grew up a little...or did we?

This past week Kari and I have gotten to hang out a lot and it's been really fun to spend time together. This year will be cool to have her on the same campus as me, I want to make a point of having breakfast with her once a week or something to make sure we stay in touch, as I know how easy it is to let life sweep you away. Earlier this week we were at Starbucks on my Mac and we came across this tattoo artist's website, we were rather impressed with her work and so I thought I'd share...

Isn't that beautiful? And it's on someone's skin! Click the picture to see her portfolio.

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