Life has been interesting these past few days. my day goes on and nothing seems to change much but my mind is swept off to my cousin Shannon and the grief that overwhelms. It feels like everything should stop for her, but it doesn't. The world is still turning and I feel the weight of the injustice that I got to wake up next to Michael this morning and she didn't get to wake up next to her Ryan. How short this life is. I can't even fathom how people get through life and all the pain that is promised to come with it without Jesus.What a hopeless life that would be, but thank goodness we can look to the cross and all the hope that Jesus gave to us with the shedding of his blood. We can look there and find our shelter, even when our world has crumbled and it seems we cannot even see, he is there to hold us.

The Arnold family:
 (Go to their CaringBridge site to read more of his story and sacrifice)

While my mind is filled with grief at the thought of Ryan's death, it is filled with joy at the thought of my new brother! Ian. He is in Ecuador with my parents, sister Sophie, and brother Isaac right now. They have been spending the last few days with him at the orphanage. I got to skype with my family today and it was so much fun to hear about my newest brother. He loves to dance and clap his hands, he is a very slow eater and he calls my sister Barbie instead of her name (must be the long blonde hair...). The first time he saw my dad he gave him a hug and said "papa!" I almost started to cry when I heard that. He has a papa now! My mom said it's been hard on Isaac, there has been some issues with the language barrier and Isaac gets frustrated. He has a lot to learn to share with another little boy. While its hard sometimes, there is much joy and excitement at what the future holds.

Ian Miguel Iverson

Ian (left) and Isaac (right) // Brothers!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your family's loss :(
    I'm very excited to hear about your new brother :)


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