Sunrises are a beautiful thing. I got to see one today. well, at least part of it.

I used to love my mornings with Jesus. I couldn't wait to spend my hour with him on the lake. There would be no one there at 6am and I could sit with him and sing to him and we were alone. Those mornings faded over the summer and my lake is hours away. I would think about it with fondness and use it as an excuse to lay in bed rather then get up and give him his hour. After a jolting talk with Michael that brought me back to my senses and reminded me of how much I need to give him his hour every day, I decided to change that. I wasn't planning on waking up at 6am this morning, but I did. I woke up to see Michael in the doorway, instead of next to me, and my heart sank a little. I always hate waking up to him being gone already. He kissed me goodbye as he went out the door to go to work. Usually I would henceforth roll over and go back to bed for a few more hours, but this morning was different. I don't know why it was, but it was. Something in me whispered a soft whisper that said, "get out of bed danae." I looked out the window and saw a burst of morning light, my mind went to the mornings on the lake, and I sat up in bed. I deceided right then and there to not let this morning be slept away but to give it to Him.

I packed a bag with my Bible, journal, pens, coffee thermos, and a bagel. I plugged my earbuds in and locked the ipod onto Matt Costa (click on his name to see a music video on youtube). I always listen to him when I ride my bicycle. It truly is the best bicycle music. I highly recommend it.

As I rode past a house I was stopped by three deer. At first I thought they were those ugly animal statues some people put in there yards but I quickly realized they weren't. I sat on my bike and they stood there staring at me, it seemed like forever, I smiled and said "Hi deer." They never ran away, and so I decided to let them keep eating the lawn. I rode over the walking bridge I never knew existed, and along the path I have never been on. I stopped at a wooden landing that jutted out onto the bank and sat down cross legged on the planks.

I spent an hour with my Savior and it was sacred and glorious. It was interrupted by the park men spraying for mosquitoes (not the nicest or healthiest scent I've ever smelled), but they left me alone. I was reminded of why I love having my hour outside, under the trees, next to the water, in the morning, and as alone as possible. It's perfect that way. I got chills laying on my back just singing with Jesus and giving Him all my attention, admiring His beauty in His creation. I think I know what I will be doing tomorrow morning.....

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