let's pick up a pencil and avoid eyes and most of all, ears.
you will walk by me, or so i wrongly dread
and stare away
time isn't going to heal all wounds
and bitterness is a quiet killer

i love you so much
  so much i feel for you
your frustration is passed to me and i
promise to pray every time
your hurting heart comes to

we feel so awkward now, and everyone knows why
we don't speak the words everyone says
but still i love you
and dearly hope you aren't being lied to.

you are perfectly imperfect and thank you
for all those notes
you know about
and all the words
you speak to my face.


My brothers Ian and Isaac (picture gotten off my sister Sophie's facebook, aka reason for poor quality) with their guitars my parents bought them when the visited the equator line in Quito. Things are going well, lots and lots of waiting around for paperwork, appointments, etc. that gets old, but very good bonding time for everyone.
Thank You Jesus for keeping them safe and doing a beautiful work of grace in Ian's heart and the heart of our family. We're so thankful.

P.S.  Challenge yourself to listen to a radio station different then your usual, I recommend MPR, NPR, Prairie Public, jazz or classical for a refreshing change.

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