Another taste of some wedding photos. I just received these from one of our friend photographers, Justin Carlson. His work is awesome and I love all the sweet moments he captured, it truly was a treat to walk through the day in his photographs and actually feel all the emotions again. We were so blessed by his awesome gift of shooting our wedding, and I am so excited about his photographs! Check out his Flickr for more of his work. 
A few details of our outdoor wedding.
My brother Isaac, our ring bearer, he melts my heart.
One of my favorite little details, the chandelier we found at a garage sale, hung from a tree at the ceremony location (a park in my hometown).
One of the centerpieces. Every table was different, I used various vintage glass jars intermingled with antiques (books, cameras, teacups, a typewriter, etc.) that were either owned by my mom, aunt, or myself, and I also bought a lot from thrift stores, garage sales, etc over the period of our engagement. 
A favorite moment, the first time we saw each other that day.

I debated wearing a veil or not...so glad I did! I never debated wearing my nose ring or not...still love it.
 How handsome is my husband?
 Hugging my dad at at the ceremony.
 Immediately after walking down the aisle, I burst into tears, I think I was trying to hold it in the whole ceremony.
 Michael and the groomsmen.
 The groomsmen wore skinny Levi Strauss jeans, white/cream button ups, and brown suspenders.
 The signing of the marriage license.
 First kiss!
My sister Kari giving her Maid of Honor speech, it was beautiful (and I cried, naturally).

I hope you enjoyed seeing a taste of some more of our wedding day, I will most likely be adding more of Justin's work to my facebook soon.


  1. These are awesome! And I know Justin too. :) His family and my husband's family are really good friends. They lived next door to each other before Ben's family moved to China.

  2. Cool! Yeah he did a great job, we are so thankful!

  3. these are amazing Danae that day was wonderful i loved it you guys are sssssssssooooooo cute, Micheal is lucky man to have such a amazing girl


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