Even though I am running behind...I thought I could not pass up the first day of FALL without a celebratory post. This is somewhat of a 'to-do' list for fall / things I like about the season.....

Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Chai Lattes (always with soy milk!) from Starbucks.

Pumpkin carving - I haven't done this for such a long time it feels like...but I have some fond memories of gooey pumpkin guts and sitting on the kitchen floor with the whole family, laughing and getting all sticky. Maybe it can happen again this fall....

Raking leaves and jumping in them! Who doesn't like the sound of crunching of leaves?

Thick wool tights and boots. Its the last season of skirt and dress wearing before you start freezing!

Taking an afternoon to go out to Maplewood State Park with the family to see the leaves changing into brilliant colors, and of course take the annual hike up Halloway Hill.

What are some of your favorite fall activities? Hope your first day of the season is swell.


  1. Happy first day of fall :)
    I just completed my 'first day of fall' post, too!
    We've been making soooo many pumkin spice and chai lattes at Starbucks. They are yummmmy :)

    Hope you have a happy autumnish day!

    p.s. I love The Satorialist, too!!

  2. Fall's my favorite. I love beef stew, apple pie, pumpkin carving (You HAVE to do it this year!), roasting pumpkin seeds, jumping in leaf piles, the crisp air, skinny jeans and boots or flats, cardigans, Maplewood to see the leaves change colors, haunted corn maze, pumpkin patches, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, etc. I could go on and on. I love fall (although this one has been not so awesome). Hopefully it gets better.


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