Here a few more of those (hopeful) Etsy finds of mine! Michael and I are heading down to the cities in a few hours for his uncle's wedding. I am excited for a change of pace and a chance to see my dear friend Melanie as well! We're going to hang out on Saturday, I haven't seen her since this summer so I'm excited. Hope you have a good weekend!


  1. excuse me! PURSE! love it! where did you get it and where can i find one?!!?! :) (cute shoes, too)

  2. If you are talking about the gray hand purse=thrift store! If you are talking about the floral cloth bag =thrift store! And you can get them from me if you want, I'm selling both of them!

  3. Oh my gooooosh I looooooooooove those Oxfords. All of those are really really cute. Great finds!!


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