Many of you have already seen this via Facebook, but I thought I'd re-post it for those who haven't. Our friend Justin Carlson, who was on of our friends who photographed our wedding, but together this video of some of his work from our big day, check it out!

Also exciting news, my mom, sister Sophie, and brother Isaac are coming home this Saturday! My dad and Ian are staying for an extra 3 weeks so Ian can get his visa before coming home. I am beyond excited to see them, and I will be able to even sleep over that night and hang out on Sunday too. So thankful that we are going to be together soon....
My brother Ian celebrating at Crepes and Waffles after the appointments concerning his adoption with the judge!


  1. That video is beautiful! What song did he use for it?

  2. im supper EXCITED too see you and Kari and Britta, it will be fun just to hang out on Saturday with you guys

  3. ahhhh Ian is adorable! your family is BLESSED! have a wonderful day Danae!!

  4. Love the video. So cute!

    When I was watching it, Ben came in and said, "Hey, I recorded that song!" :)

  5. thanks, and kari- that's so cool!


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