Some miscellaneous photos of our life that have been waiting to be shown :
random man snow hiking on a slide from a craft supply store in the cities
homemade mochas by my husband (better then starbucks' in my opinion)
cute brother yawn
a purple hat i knitted last winter
first candle of the cold-seasons
how handsome is he? i'm a blessed lady.
a butterfly, dead, but still beautiful.
island park.
my feet.

p.s. It's my birthday : )


  1. these photos are beautiful. happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday Danae! Ihope you have a WONDERFUL day today! I always love reading your blog, I love your photos and ideas! Que lindo! Also, it's great to hear how the Moran Clan is :) Say hi to Mike for me too! I miss you guys very much!

  3. 1. happy birthday!
    2. I love that you have a random assortment of photos like I do on my phone. I think i might purge them in a single post....but it probably won't looks as cute as this.


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