My birthday was yesterday! It was a beautiful sunny day, I got to have lunch at Olive Garden with (some of) my family, and my mom gave me three pretty Pyrex antique bowls!
Isaac rode with Michael and I around town for a while, and he got to visit campus with me. He said he went to school there when "he was little", and that when he gets older he is "going there to learn baseball."
Enjoying a few delicacies (a present from Micheal's parents) at the park.
Mom and Sophie.
Mr. and Mrs.
Favorite shoes.
We also (finally) went to Inception (with a stop at Starbucks of course to sneak in a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte). It was SO good.

Michael also made me a chocolate cake (SO good), gave me the best smelling soy candle I have ever smelt, and told me I get to pick out a leather satchel/messenger bag of my fancy for my present! I haven't quite found the perfect one yet, but I will. He was really generous and thoughtful. 
We ended the day with some awesome cake-sharing and conversation with our friends Tom and Camila.

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