School is hard, not in the way of homework and assignments (not that that part isn't hard... 400 Research Methods...is hard). But being a social work major is hard sometimes. To be specific, loving Jesus and being a social work major is hard sometimes. There are so many times in class that I find my heart pounding and my mind trying to decide do I say something? do I stay quiet this time? I know everything must be done in love, and all words must be uttered through a heart of love and not pride or selfishness or a desire to impress.

So many things are pounded into us students every day. Issues that are tough come up daily...abortion, homosexuality, religion in the workplace, ethical decision making, tolerance, and the wonderful diversity topic. I usually quite enjoy these discussions, debates, and conversations, and usually speak up in the classroom. It's so hard though. I feel like Jesus is just being pounded down and in the name of acceptance. We have to accept all beliefs, we must support everyone no matter what their lifestyle, we must never judge or condemn, we must never let our religion influence the decisions we make as "professional social workers." What crap. It frustrates me to no end and I often want to shut down because I am so tired of trying to fight....for Jesus. He has been made to be so separate from all parts of life, and your Savior is not to effect your work or choices made at work. How the heck is that possible? If you really want to please Jesus, think the way He does, love the way He does, how can you just go about your day making decisions He does not like?

It makes me feel that it is impossible to be a professional in this world while loving Jesus. I know this is not true, I know that what this world needs are people who will bring Jesus closer and praise His name but it's a undertaking. It is hard and it is work, but He is good and He gives wisdom and understanding to those who ask. Even when I feel I am alone in a classroom, He is there. He hears the prayers I utter of apology for the way my fellow students and teachers treat Him and the things they say about Him. He gives boldness and courage and nothing is impossible with Him. While the odds may seem to be against me, He has already won the battle and He is always victorious.


  1. Danae,

    I completely understand! My senior year I really wondered if I too could be a professional social worker. Because of my job title I would have to be professional and support all walks of life and lifestyle choices, but as a Christian I wanted to offer more choices and direct them in the right path. The beauty is: you can pick a job where you have that freedom!

    While I don't have that freedom in all parts of my job; I do get to do devotions with my residents weekly, pray at all meals etc. I also get to be an example to my co-workers and families by living my life glorifying God and if they ask questions, I am right there with answers! It's good that you are wrestling with these thoughts, just know that you can be a social worker and a christian!

  2. I am struggling with this too. I dislike that most professors just assume that since we are in college we are liberal people that party every night and are not influenced by religion or faith. I wish I had the courage to speak up about this in class.

  3. Blessings Danae... as you follow our Lord in a difficult day.

    Rich Iverson

  4. Danae...It's Anne Josie's sister. I have struggled with this issue so many times. But when I think of all the people that have been judged and shut down and judged by Christians I get it. It may be because of those judgments that people have turned away not only from social services but from god in general. Jesus said love ALL. And I believe that it is not for me to judge... but God. I am here to love and help not to cast judgments. For if we judge we will not help. I have fallen in love with the quote "Preach the Gospel and if you have to use words." People believe what they believe for different reasons. I believe in God and someone else may believe in something else; who am I to discriminate based on the belief. So many times I feel we look past the basic teachings of Christianity and into the dark small corners the the bible like homosexuality and sex... but these are so small, how many times does Jesus talk about justice and love for everyone. Your faith is really tested in this field and God may say I am wrong in the end, but my calling as a social worker was to love and protect and stand for justice regardless of the circumstance. I just wanted to share a few things that I have thought about during this journey. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. oh wow- Liz, yes and thank you! so encouraging. dad- you're awesome. tara- pray for the courage to speak up about this in class, it's hard but i think God likes it : ) Anne- i totally understand what you are saying,and so many of those things have crossed my mind too, and while Jesus' main point is to love with His love, I also believe that as Christians we cannot ignore His teachings on the tough issues like homosexuality. So while I don't think that we as followers of Jesus can agree with all lifestyles or what people choose to believe in, I agree that it is our call to love (not condemn) everyone as Jesus loves them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all this- it's tough stuff but definitely worth talking about : )


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