serious and not-so-serious.

my dad and brother ian were scheduled to come home this saturday. due to a police and military strike in the country of Ecuador, there are no flights currently leaving. they are safe and will be ok but it is a scary thing, and there is no real certainty of what the outcome will be or how soon things will be settled. it's discouraging because they have been gone for almost 9 weeks now and we are so eager to have them back. God has been so good through all of this, and it is no surprise to him that they are not coming home in two days, he has it in control and we pray for continued safety. my dad has such a good attitude about it, i haven't once heard him get frustrated or upset, yes disappointed, but not angry, at the process. his patience and endurance are inspiring. (for more information on the situation go to the BBC website.) please keep the country of Ecuador and my family in your prayers. i am overwhelmed by God's grace and faithfulness through the whole situation, he is to be praised, always.

i'm going to try to dye my hair back to it's natural color (basically dark ash blonde) it's been bright blonde for as long as i can remember and i've been on this natural-kick lately so i'm thinking of trying to pick a dye close enough to my natural color that i won't have to dye it again, and my hair will eventually be totally "real." i know part of this is because of this one lady who seems cool and is a all-natural type of gal and so it seems really attractive right now, and i am totally aware that is not necessarily the best reason to change your hair color, but i don't really mind, i can always change it back if the natural-thing doesn't seem to stick around my liking for long, right? How neat is it that we all have such unique heads of hair? no two is a like, there are so many styles, textures, colors and lengths. our creator is so creative.


  1. I hope to hear that your dad and brother will be home soon! That must be really rough not seeing them for so long.

    Re: hair dying. I don't think it'll be too hard for you to do if your color is not that drastically different than your natural hair color. It didn't work for me when I went back to natural, but I had my hair dyed a really dark brown. Huge change from strawberry blonde. :) I tried to dye it closer, but it didn't get even close. I ended up having to go in to the salon and getting it stripped and then dyed close to my shade. Huge pain in the butt and out way too much money. But like I said, I think yours will be fine, especially since you're trying to go darker rather than lighter.

  2. haha. that picture looks like victoria, erika, and i. -kari

  3. i'm so excited to see your hair! :) fun fun fun
    i miss your pretty face!


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