smiles of late:

1. thrift store shopping (where i am in this photo), ok well it's not really 'as of late' but i still love it!
 2. these two shots of Fargo downtown textures.
 3. these beautiful wildflowers Michael picked for me, delivered in a Starbucks cup : )
 4. the huge fridge full of Naked juice we received from Starbucks, the stores week's supply was left out for a night unrefrigerated, and it was going to be thrown out, so we so kindly offered to take it instead. So kind of us, right?
5. The newest art addition to our apartment, from a weekend garage sale.

6. Elsie's 'What I Wore Today' posts on her blog, I want to do my own version of this post idea sometime....
Tomorrow: in class ALL day (9am-5pm with no lunch break). bike ride to school with the man. chi alpha fellowship beauty at 8:30.


  1. sophia rose iversonSeptember 2, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    i love the flowers in the starbucks cup. and the new patting that you got at a thrift store. i love you and when i come home i wont to come and visit you and macheal

  2. I think I took that picture of you out of spite... right after you said i wasn't taking any pictures, to show you that I was indeed taking pictures, and look where it ended up!! silly lady.

  3. hahaha Mike—took that picture out of spite.
    awesome :)

    beautiful flowers! love it :)
    i may be jealous of your naked juice, so delish.


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