you sing a sweet song over my heart
 such a beautiful thing
that brings change and love
and conviction and joy
the delicious laughter we hold so dear
to tell us that it is a good thing
to be here
where our Jesus has led us to
with his comforting hands and
heart of love so divine that holds
our souls near as we hold one each others hands
so tight.
the matters of the heart are all that matter and
this we have found
but not mastered for who can
master these matters?
they flow like fluid
like waves on grains of sand.
they cannot be captured and poured
into a bottle or kept in a can
but like the waves they stay fluid they stay
ever the same
ever flowing through our veins
running their course until they return home
to our hearts.
the day you sat next to me and
i knew this matter of my heart
had been found.

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