I posted a few days ago (look down the page a few scrolls) with thrift tips, and someone commented asking me what the best thrift shops in the F/M area are. I honestly have a lot I like, and so I decided to compile a little list to share, I've found the more often you check, the more likely you are to find to treasures. Don't forget about the rummage sales either.....

1. Dakota Boys Ranch in Moorhead on Hwy 10 is good, it's really big so you can spend lots of time browsing. It is on the right side of the road next to Pizza Ranch (past Target) as you go into Dilworth.
2. The Salvation Army on 10th St N and 4th Ave. It is on the left side of the road as you drive north on 10th, right before the underpass, next to taco johns.
3. The Old and New Store, on 1st Ave N, downtown. This is one of my all time favorites! Drive north on Broadway, and turn left onto 1st Ave (a one way). It will be on your left.
4. The Dakota Boys Ranch in South Fargo. It is on 32nd Ave S, go south on University, turn right on 32nd, and it will be on your right.


While at home yesterday, I found a big box full of old family photos. They are awesome and I scanned a number of them. Here's one of my mom in her younger years, spinning on a merry-go-round, I love her joyful face in this frame!

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