I updated my Etsy shop today and added two new headbands! Click 'The Shop' link above. If you live in the F/M area and would like to see more of my designs or are interested in buying one, leave me a comment, send me an email, or whatever way you would see fit. I also just sold the one shown below to my friend Molly today!
A peak of two others I have.....
I have been knitting and sewing like crazy lately and it's so much fun. Michael and I just finished the BBC series North & South via our Netflix (the best), and we highly recommend it.
Michael gets home from work in an hour or so, and then we both have lots of homework to do today, yay..... Hopefully we will get something fun in tonight.


  1. LOVE those headbands. I may have to mention them to Ben for a Christmas gift idea.. :)

  2. That'd be awesome! Just tell him to send me a message!

  3. Absolutely DARLING. I hope some are making their way to Front Porch Finds. :)



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