The last post I wrote said my dad wasn't coming home- well now he is! We are so excited...the airport opened up late Thursday night and so he is currently in Miami! I was praying so hard that they would be able to come home soon...and I am so thankful for the answered prayers! I found out, to my great dismay, that I got scheduled to work this Sunday, the day everyone is home to celebrate. I have called every employee and no one can take the shift for me (unless someone calls back with a yes, unlikely)..so it looks like home will have to wait for another day. I almost cried when I found out, but I know it'll be fine, and there will be other times to all be together, it's just been so long...

I'm going to try to enjoy the day off today even though I'm disappointed I can't go home tomorrow, Michael should be home from work soon and then we will get to hang out, it's been a while ( I just got off a 22 hour shift). Fargo/Moorhead has the Studio Crawl going on this weekend and there is also a show tonight at Studio 222 featuring local folky/acousitc artists, one being our friend Tony, who is our Chi Alpha leader, small group leader, friend, and was our wedding musician, so I do believe we are going to that. And maybe I'll dye my hair too!

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