More family photos!
 My dad as a youngster outside the corn palace in South Dakota.
My dad in his college years.
My mom and dad, taken (I believe) while they were dating.


- I have been crazy busy this past week. I work 28 hours, and school assignments are getting heavy. I feel like I practically live in the library some days. 
- Being married is awesome as ever, and I love it. What a beautiful gift to have a person who loves you and has committed themselves to you! Michael is the greatest husband and bestest friend. He encourages me to love Jesus more everyday, and he is always making sure we never forget to center ourselves around Him. I love all the little things like: having breakfast together, sharing a car, watching movies on our little couch, talking about our day, being goofy in the kitchen, and waking up together.
- I am only 7 classes away from my internship! I decided I needed to check my class schedule plan and realized that just yesterday, I'm super excited. I think I will likely be interning Spring 2012, not sure yet...
- I have been working away at making lots of headbands, possibly to try and sell at my cousin Sabrina's Front Porch Finds winter sale next month, or to add to etsy. I am having a blast coming up with new designs, and I just love creating things with my hands. 
- My new little brother is getting baptized this Sunday at my parent's church, and a lot of relatives are coming to town for that. I love family gatherings.

I am a little sad to see all the leaves on the ground, the color brown is overtaking the city...and the news tonight said it could possibly be the color white soon. I suppose that is what I get for living in this frozen tundra. Oh well, I'm still quite fond of it. Off to finish a paper.......

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