our rings.

Rings are the sign of commitment and a mark of a married person, they can reveal a  lot about a person's style and tastes so I decided to share a little more about our wedding rings!

Michael and I were married June 26th of this past summer, and we have loved it. We each have two rings, one we wore during our engagement and one we placed on our fingers that fine summer afternoon. My engagement ring is actually from a pawn shop, Michael and I looked there and I picked out a few of my favorites...unbeknown to me (at the time) he went back the next day and got my top pick : ) It is a vintage 1930's era style ring, I had known that was the style I was looking for since I came across this website, but I was really surprised to find one in an actual store, much less a random pawn shop we walked into! I was so excited to have it on my finger for the first time when he proposed in August, and I still love to look at it. I looked around online and picked out my wedding band, which wasn't advertised as a vintage ring but I really thought they looked well together.

Michael's "engagement" ring is tungsten metal and was bought off of an Etsy shop a few months into our engagement (which was 10 months long). He decided to wear two rings together and we got one first as a sort of engagement band....no reason I should be the only one with a ring before we got married. His wedding band is made of rosewood and was also found on Etsy.

Are you married/engaged? What do your rings look like? Do you still love them? OR what would your ideal ring be if you got to pick?



  1. Love your rings. I wish they would've had Etsy around when I got engaged. Maybe they didn't but I sure didn't know about it yet in '06. I like mine, but it annoys me, because it sticks up to high and gets in the way (and gets caught in my mittens!). I'm thinking of getting them unsoldered so that I can just wear my wedding band instead of both.

    Mine looks like this:

  2. didn't = did
    to = too

    It's one of those days... haha

  3. ooo I like it a lot, but I can see how it would be a big bummer to get it caught in everything! thanks for sharing Kari : )

  4. Wedding rings are symbol of the love and bond between two lovers. My wedding ring is a tri-color; gold, white gold, and diamond. Although, the diamond is not that big. We just want it just to be plain and simple.


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