thrift tips.

A few thrift-store shopping tips from this seasoned thrifter....

1. Go often! Thrift stores are always switching in and out of inventory - go as much as you can, that's when you can find the real treasures.
2. Become familiar with the thrift stores in the area. Ask regular thrifters you know where the stores are located, and if you are serious about it, google the locations and write them down. I know of a thrift store for pretty much every area of town, and so it's easy to just drop by depending on where you are.
3. If you have the ability to sew...don't pass up an item just because it needs to be altered, picture the skirt with a foot off the hem...then do you like it? That one has happened to me a few times.

4. Take the time to look through the racks, don't just look at the easy-to-browse area but take time to dig through the racks of clothing.
5. I find it helpful to picture things out of context. If you took that shirt out of this thrift store and placed it in an Anthropologie catalog, would it fit? Often it is hard to pick out the gems when they are smashed in between two very ugly pieces of clothing, and I do think it takes time to develop an eye for that.
6. If you want more hands on stuff, go with a thrifty friend and ask them to help you look through racks and show you the best stores in the area, it's a fun excuse to hang out too!
7. Don't be afraid to try something new, maybe you want to start wearing dresses more or have more unique accessories (there are beautiful scarves, jewelery, and tights ready to be had....), you should go for it! Decide to start looking for those items and slowly letting them frequent your outfits more...eventually you can change the way you dress or style your clothes, if that's your goal.
8. Not sure what to look for have a hard time picking out the gems? Go online to some of the clothing shops you admire to get ideas (I like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, ModCloth). If you really like the flowy shirt under the black blazer, write it down and look for it; if you like the high-waist pencil skirts (like me) you see at your favorite shop, look for that too. Inspiration can come from real-life people too, take note of the pieces you see walking around that catch your eye.
p.s. check out The Sartorialist if you haven't yet! It is a world renowned blog featuring great street fashion (like the above photo).

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  1. What are the best thrift shops in the F/M area?


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