my favorite season is fall.
black used to be my 'dark go-to color', and brown was my husbands. i've switched to brown.
i really like peaches.
i have  recently started really enjoying chai tea (i've always loved the lattes, now i like the tea) with a little bit of milk and honey, naturally.
my lips are pretty much addicted to chapstick, i used to use medicated stuff which did caused the addiction i think, i've since switched over to Burts Bees and I love that.
i'm not really allowed to tell many people details about my work due to confidentiality.
cooking is not my thing, but for my husband's sake i wish it was.
my car looks like someone took a sledge hammer to it, and i've driven it since i was 16.
people tell me i look like my mom and i like that.

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