Today has been a good day, it's beautiful out and Michael and I got to model and help style a photo shoot for Kendra of Hadley Photography which was really fun. She is so sweet and was really encouraging of my creativity in the styling. The pictures are secrets and apart of Kendra's re-branding of her business so they won't be up for a while, once they are I will be sure to share them : )

Michael headed off to work a long shift doin his barista jazz, and since it is fall break, I don't have class like usual tonight! I am trying to be a responsible almost-college senior and use the time to get a big chunk of my homework done tonight. After I am satisfied with the completed work, I am going to reward myself with some alone time to work on my Etsy shop! I am getting more and more inspired every day and am working little by little to get things together. I am hoping that by the end of the day there will be at least a few items totally up and ready for sale : ) I am planning on adding vintage clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, as well as a few handmade headbands of mine. I wasn't planning on selling any of my handmade items but I have gotten numerous compliments on my work when I wear it around, and my sisters encouraged me to go for it, so I have decided to add those as well. I am very excited : ) Hope your Monday is swell....


totally random : i'm likin this super chunky knit hat found here.

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