Well hello there and happy halloween weekend to you. 

I'm kind of excited for Halloween, not that I particularly like the stale candy corn, plastic witch statues, or the sudden presence of horror-themed everything(sarcastic) but I do like the idea of getting dressed up and had lots of fun doing so as a little girl. This halloween Michael and I are going home and I'm planning on working on the sale/thank you tags for my headbands and spending time with the family. My little brothers are dressing up and I'm excited to be a part of that. I'm crossing my fingers there will be some apple cider and pumpkin-carving....

(A little smattering of photos for you)

 We like red doors...kind of an inside joke circa our first few dates.
On my front steps.
 A detail shot of our vintage camera case we got from a local thrift shop...the flip side of the tag has slots for our contact info.
 I like being known as this at my favorite coffee shop : )
 I decided to get my husband a little just-because present he has been wanting... a new CD of one of his favorite artists, Ray La Montagne. He liked it.
The inside of the CD cover.

(Have a lovely Friday)


  1. Maybe that coffee cup should say "Mike's better half." Just a suggestion ;) hehe

  2. haha that's a good suggestion : )


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