I LOVE forts. 
I love love love them. 
My sisters and I would always build forts, 
especially around Christmas time. 
My first Valentine's Day with Michael was spent in a fort. 
I remember building forts in our bunk beds during nap time with my sister Kari. 
There is something so beautifully child-like and magical about them. 
Michael and I are planning a Christmas date night and there is definitely going to be a fort involved!

 this would be the best tea party of all time:
a child's dream come true:
no fort is complete without lots and lots of stringed lights - magical:
dear Michael:
If you haven't indulged in this activity since you were young, have a little fun and try it out this holiday season!


  1. The reason Ben had a "myspace crush" on me back before I had even met him was because I wrote that I loved building forts. :)


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