Happy weekend to you! I am on a break from a full day of work, and thought I'd share a little something before heading back. Some of you know my younger sister, Britta. She really likes photography and is very good (in my opinion). I wanted to share a few photos she took of some frost on grass. Seems so simple but yet so beautiful (click the images to enlarge). These were found on her latest post from her blog, sun-kissed adventures. 
Even though I have a 12 page paper due next week, two tests, and a massive family genogram to construct, Michael and I are taking tonight to spend together. Life seems to get so busy that most nights we aren't even home until 10 or 11 and it seems to be rare that we get an evening to just spend together. We were thinking about going to the play Wind in the Willows, but didn't really want to spend money on the tickets, so Michael suggested we just dream, together. We're going to spend some time dreaming about our future, our goals, and our aspirations as a couple. I doubt many do that, but I'm so glad we do. I'm excited for some quality time with my best friend and a break from the work madness!

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