I can't wait to go home today! Well home as in my grandparent's home in South Dakota. Michael and I both work today so we can't leave until after 5, and there is supposed to be a massive blizzard...yikes! I think we are still going to brave the weather and head off to spend a weekend with my side of the family. It's the start of a 4 day no-school no-work break! Awesome is what that is.

I had two more headbands out the door yesterday to two friends. I also sold one of my headbands listed on Etsy and have 3 orders to get out this week! I'm lovin' it and all the crafty wonderfulness. I knit and sew in pretty much all my spare minutes, which is so much fun in my book. I have packed two bags full of my supplies for the long weekend away. Thank you to all my customers so far! Check out The Shop heading at the top of my blog to see some of my designs. I'm currently working on some baby girl headbands too.


  1. These are so cute - you are talented, Danae!
    Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you and Michael and the rest of your family have safe travels :)

  2. you really do have such a talent! :)


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