I have a (little) exciting announcement I will be sharing in the next few days....but for today, I have a few detail shots, all found in our home (apartment), one of our most favorite places to be.

We had the greatest lazy morning after sleeping for 12 hours last night. We laid down at 7pm and were planning on getting up but ended up sleeping until 2am! I guess we were a little tired. We were able to have breakfast together, go for a walk, and read before Michael was off to work. So great to relax together.

It's a homework day, and not such a bad one since I get to work while at Starbucks with my sister tonight : )


  1. Those detail shots are so pretty. You have excellent taste ;) I'll admit I keep checking back because I'm anxious for the announcement.

  2. Thanks Taryn : ) I know I've been super anxious for enough time to load some photos and share my little exciting announcement. Very soon I hope (thanks for sharing your anticipation)!


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