I hope your Thanksgiving Day was filled with yummy food. I had a blast with my relatives, and ate so much food. We laughed and played fun family games. One of my favorite moments was going to the holiday lights parade in downtown Sioux Falls.  I have a few photos to share a little later, but for now, the cutest thanksgiving table I have seen, created by Miss James of Bleubird Vintage.

P.S. Thanks to all my lovely relatives for purchasing some of my items this past weekend! Check out my shop panel on the left side of the blog or the shop page on the top of my blog to see some of my creations!


  1. your table looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love decorating the thanksgiving table!


  2. Thanks, but it's not actually mine! I wish : ) I linked to the lady's whose it actually is in the post. Thanks for the comment though, those are always fun to get!


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