Little things I'm thankful for....

1. Nice nails, my nails used to be short short and would tear and break a lot, not very pretty and mildly painful. Then I found this DIY on one of my daily blog reads and decided to give my nails another chance.I bought a nail buffer from Target and started buffing my nails and putting vaseline on them about every other day, and my nails transformed into little beauties : )
photo from I go by Katie
2. Oatmeal. I absolutely love it and have it almost every morning for breakfast. Add tons of raisins, some milk, and brown sugar...Mmmm. I love the the color of the bowl below, it is almost the exact same as our dishes!
3. Naps. I came home for a lunch break with Michael today and slept for a while. So refreshing.
4. my Mac laptop...she's been so good to me, I appreciate her so much. She is getting pretty full...an external hard drive is on my Christmas list : )
5. Thrift stores. I can't remember the last time I purchased something from the mall, and almost all my clothes are from these little wonderful places.

Hope your Monday is happy...

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