Ohmygoodness I love these two girls. They are two of my bestest friends on the entire planet. Melanie (darker hair) and Joanna (lighter hair), or affectionately Mel and Jo, were my roommates the year I attended Northwestern College. The dorm rooms are really big so there was three to a room. We were assigned to each other randomly, but I am convinced it wasn't random at all. We clicked right away and spent all our time together.
Mel and Jo made that year one of the most fun I have ever had. We stayed up late. We talked about our fears and our joys. We talked about our futures. We laughed until someone peed their pants. We danced a lot. We watched a lot of the Office and Gilmore Girls. We pulled all nighters in the laundry room. We became friends with the nearby Starbucks baristas. We had adventures together. We took a a lot of awkward photos. We went to Costa Rica together for 12 days.
They were there to let me cry and grieve when I thought my life was over, and then giggle with me when it began again.  They studied God's word with me, and we prayed together. I miss them so much and wish they lived closer. I moved away, two of us got married (we were all bridesmaids), and one of us graduates next month. Life has changed but I absolutely cherish the year I had with these two beautiful ladies. I am hoping to have a reunion over Christmas this year!
The beginning of the our freshman year.
 My wedding this past summer.
 Jo and I outside the dorms
 A dress up night.
 laying on the grass..mm miss this.
 Jo and I had a photography class together and got to go on lots of fun field trips!
 The best time ever - our summer trip to Costa Rica.
 Banana chips and (real) coke with Mel
I hope that all of you have friendships of the heart, they are truly one of the greatest joys in life.

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  1. this is so sweet! i love you so much friend! These pictures bring back so many memories—i got tears in my eyes looking at them.
    the one in front of the basilica in CR is hilarious.
    you are so special to me and i can't wait to see you over Christmas!


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