One of my clients pointed out a few weeks ago to me that I wear a lot of earthy tones. I realized that I really do, I have started to shy away from brighter colors and closer to earthy colors in my clothing. This could be a result of reading this blog almost every day and Michael's influence. Regardless, this sparked my idea to post items from Etsy - all in the earthy tones I have come to love!

click each photo for it's source - and yes those shoes are from my own shop : ) 


  1. I like that bird nest necklace. you should get it. i love you.

  2. I have that bird nest necklace (from a different seller), except mine has birthstones in it (for the month I found out I was pregnant, lost the baby, and baby's due date). I love it and wear it every single day.

  3. oh wow, that is a really beautiful idea!


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