quite a happy halloween.

 Michael and I went home for halloween and it was so lovely...........
 We carved pumpkins!
Had apple cider and I roasted pumpkin seeds.
The boys playing with Michael's lighter....oh dear.
My three sisters being cozy.
 Isaac and Ian all ready for us to take them trick-or-treating. 
It was a great day.
I also worked a lot on the handmade tags I'm attaching to the headbands I'm selling at my cousin's sale (Front Porch Finds) this month, I'll share them when I'm all finished!

P.S. I so appreciate all of those who *officially* follow my blog and let me know I'm not writing to the blankness of cyber space, I'd love to see and hear from more of you who I know *unofficially* follow!


  1. Oh man, those costumes are adorable. Cute pictures!

  2. Thanks Taryn! They the cutest boys in town if I do say so myself....


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