submission. it's not what most people think it is. it brings freedom and joy, it brings relief and confidence. From submission comes peace and purity.
we are to submit to:
each other, government authorities, our husbands, God, and church leaders (I may have missed some).
God doesn't command submission to hold us down and belittle us, that isn't our God. We know that our God is good and loving, all his statues are grace-filled, and he knows the way relationships should be. We don't know how they should be, our world tries to mess with his ways and our spirits, and we get the right order of things all messed up. Luckily we have his very words, printed into a book, to help us know how He designed things to be. He designed us to be submissive. He knows that when we give up our rights, we are fully trusting in His design. When we submit to His will and love, we are letting Him have all our ourselves, we give up our own rights to our soul. He created us with ownership of ourselves, and we can choose to let go of that ownership and place it is his hands. What freedom comes from letting the Savior of the world have the say in our hearts instead of our own corrupt voices!

Wives are to submit to their husbands. No matter how you want to refrain it, that is how it is. Feminism and much of (not all, many good things came from it) the woman's movement fought for independence from men, which frankly isn't very biblical. He created us to need one another, that doesn't mean you have to go running around looking for a husband, but it means that inside of the marriage relationship, the wife is to give up her rights to make the final decisions regarding the family to her husband. He is the leader and the head of the relationship, as Christ is to the church. I still struggle with this so much! Sometimes I find myself getting a little feisty and ornery and I just want to demand things to be done MY way. On our pre-marital personality test, I was almost off the chart in the dominant side of the dominant/submissive category. That makes submitting a challenge for me, but I have been learning and growing and I am at the place where I want to be exactly as God intends a wife to be, and that means letting Michael lead, and following him! I think the church and many Christians disagree with this, because letting someone be 'over' you goes against our nature, but it is our sinful nature. If God calls us to do it, we are to do it. If he tells us that this is the way marriage is made to work, then that is what we are to pray our marriages will be. To disagree is to go against God's word. The end.

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  1. Thanks for this, Danae. It really sucks that the world has put such a defensive attitude in our minds when someone tries to lead us. But wow, the freedom that is experienced when we let God take control is so so good.


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