2010 reviewed

It's been blustery and freezing here. Pretty much everything is closed up in anticipation of a second blizzard hitting. Even Starbucks was closed for the second day in a row, which meant that Michael and I got the whole day free! Tonight we're headed over to a friend's apartment to welcome in 2011.

 I thought I would do a little reflecting on this past year. Here is 12 highlights (1 from each month) from two thousand and ten!

1. January : Spending New Years at the OneThing conference in Kansas City. We didn't go this year, but if you ever have the chance, I highly  recommend it. It is a time to hear awesome teachings, partake in worship that really is astounding, and grow immensely. OneThing is a ministry of the International House of Prayer.

2. Febuary: Spending our first (and last as a dating couple)Valentine's Day together. We made cupcakes and watched a movie under the fort we built in Michael's old apartment living room.
3. March: Spending our 1 year of being together in the cities. We went to Sebastian Joe's, a yummy coffee and ice cream parlour, and took fun photo booth pictures.
4. April : Spending Easter with Michael and my family at home and having a fun photo shoot with my sisters (the same place we took some of our wedding photos).
5. May: My sister Kari graduating from Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. She decided to come to MSUM this past fall, and I got to help her move in! It's been so much fun getting know her better this fall,  spend time together, and be in the same bible study. 

6. June : On the 26th, Michael and I got married! After dating for 4 months, being engaged for 10, we have now been married for 6! Every day gets better and I feel like the most blessed woman in the world to have Michael as my husband and best friend. I have so much fun with him and I am ecstatic to spend 2011 and the rest of our lives together.
7. July : I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in my dear friend Joanna's wedding along with Melanie (read this post about them). She was a bridesmaid in mine just two weeks earlier, and I was blessed to be apart of her special day!

8. August: Making our first apartment truly home and opening my Etsy shop! I have loved decorating and living in our tiny 1 bedroom sanctuary. We really like living in down town Fargo and it was answer to my prayers to be able to paint the entire apartment. I also officially opened my Etsy store this month and have been blessed since with lots of interest from friends and strangers alike in my little venture, this earthly tent.
9. September: I turned 21 on the 29th and got to have a picnic with my family to celebrate...
10. October : My family brought home Ian! He is four years old and we had been in the process of adopting him for the past year. Only 6 months older than my adopted brother Isaac, he is now my parent's sixth child. After spending 2 months in Ecuador, they were finally able to come home in August. It has been a beautiful blessing to have him in our family and I'm so thankful to be his big sister!
11. November : Spending Thanksgiving in South Dakota with my family. It was so much fun to get together with everyone. A highlight was going to the Sioux Falls lights parade...
12. December: Having our very first Christmas together as husband and wife! We bought our first tree and it's quite cute in my opinion.

There's a year in review for you, God has been so good to us in 2010 and I pray that He would teach me more about himself this next year. What is worth living for if not to know Jesus and commune with Him? That is what we were made for, it's truly living life abundantly. 

See you next year!

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