After spending multiple hours in the library today, Michael and I went to a local thrift store and we found some greatttt finds. Here is what I got :
 This awesome stack of greeting cards!
 a huge bag full of pretty buttons just for $3, they filled up one and half old milk bottles I decided to store em in. Also the pretty neutral patterned fabric under the buttons shown above.
 this great lamp, pretty sure we don't have any more space for it..but I couldn't pass it up.
 And these booties!! I already have a pair similar to these that I love but they have no grip whatsoever and I have to shuffle along the snow and ice to try to keep from falling, so those had to be retired. I was so sad because I wore them almost everyday but now I have a cute alternative.
And...this headband is coming to This Earthly Tent shop soon (or you can grab dibs on it now if you want)!
have a lovely thursday....

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