As I have grown up I have loved many many books. My mom said that when I first learned to read I just devoured books. I thought I'd share some of the books near and dear to my heart through out the years and realized that all of the books that came to mind first were horse books. For those of you who don't know I adored horses growing up, not like a normal child either. I ran around on my hands and knees like a horse. I named my bike Penny after a horse in my favorite book. I saved up my money to buy Breyer horses. I read horse magazines and cut out horse pictures to past on my wall. I followed the Triple Crown (3 biggest horse races of the year) and knew about it's history. I once told my dad after hurting my foot that "I hurt my hoof," I said this in total seriousness and without realizing I had interchanged the two words. I bought books on horse anatomy and knew all the terms for every part of a horse. I drew horses (and got semi good for my age). I took riding lessons in exchange for cleaning the stalls and barn. I was obsessed. Obviously, my horse love dwindled over the years, but I still have a fondness for the animal I don't think will ever go away. All this to say, I loved horse books. I wouldn't mind reading one again for old times sake....

the saddle club- one of my all time favorites. Three girls, best friends, and awesome riders. I read so many of these books.
Margeurite Henry - wrote Misty of Chincoteague, Album of Horses, and King of the Wind. These are just the ones I read of hers as a child. It's crazy how I can picture the world I created in my head of each of these stories...
The Black Stallion - the book and movie were awesome. I was a fan of the wild horses.
Pony Pals- more best friends, more horses (well ponies). I remember loving the fact they had secret passages to each others houses.

 Anyways...just a little reminenscing of childhood memories....

It's off to work for me, I was at the library from 9: 30 - 2 today working on my final assignment for Social Work Research Methods, uff I'm wiped, and I get to do it all again tomorrow! yay (not). The semester is almost over, I just have one week left!


  1. hey danae! I have had some problems posting a comment to your blog all day for some reason, then i switched from firefox to safari and now i can! after writing to you like 4 times. haha

    HEY i wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog this morning. that stuff always makes me feel good. i came to your blog to check out you as well and I LOVE WHAT I AM SEEING. i was so delighted by those headbands that i bought two! one for my and one for my friend. we will wear them together and take pictures and i'll link them back to you.

    also really excited to sit down and spend some time here from beginning to end!

    please don't hesitate to say hello, really happy to meet your acquaintance!

  2. I was obsessed with Pony Pals and I definitely read all the others on your list except for the Saddle Club when I was child. Such fond memories.


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