favorite family traditions

Some of my favorite family traditions, which won't all be able to be celebrated this year. It's a bittersweet time. I'm starting some wonderful traditions with my new husband and getting the chance to celebrate his family's traditions as a legit member of the family, while at the same time saying goodbye to being able to be a there for all my family's traditions and special times. Its a give and take sort of way and we're learning.
In light of December's arrival I thought I'd share some of my favorite traditions and memories from past Christmases ....

drinking LOTS of eggnog. I love it (try an eggnog chai latte from Starbucks if you like it too)!

setting up and decorating our massive tree (one of the most magical sights to see coming up the stairs for a midnight snack).


watching It's A Wonderful Life with 
my family every Christmas Eve (never any other day of the year) and eating my dad's 
famous peanut butter popcorn.

Christmas morning brunch of monkey rolls after opening our presents and stockings (all hand sewn by my mother with our names).

making a tent with my sisters,
using blankets and kitchen chairs,
giggling while my dad pretends to be Santa 
(this hasn't happened for years, but I still love the memory).

Sledding on our (tinytinytiny) one and only "hill" in our small town, and coming home to my mom making us toast and homemade hot chocolate (grandma Bev's recipe), a tradition she did when she was young too.  

my mom's goodies (kringle, mmm) and 
eating chicken tortilla soup
for Christmas Eve dinner 
(influence from our 7 years of living in Texas).

I can't wait for Christmas!


  1. That's so cozy :)
    It's encouraging to read that you're learning to adjust to new ways of celebrating Christmas because I might have to fly out to Korea before Christmas!! :( I've never been apart from family on Christmas, but I've decided to try and find something extra special to do while I'm there that day.

  2. Mmm- that'd be super tough! But your right, life is full of change and it helps to look at it as a new adventure : )


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