Give Away!

To celebrate this glorious season I've decided to giveaway one of my headbands!

 I am giving away either a single flower with leaves brown band (#1) or a red ear warmer with three flowers (# 2) both shown below on my sister Britta.
If you win you can pick which one you would like!
This will be open until Christmas Day, the 25th, anyone can enter, but please only enter once.
If you do not have a google account, select "anonymous" but just make sure to leave your name!

To enter: 
click the comment link below this post and leave a comment with:
1. your favorite Christmas tradition
2. what headband you would pick
3. name
4. email address I can contact you at in case you win!

 # 2


  1. Hey Danae! Great idea and blog giveaways are so fun! I am going to have to do one eventually. If I ever have a cool thing to give away. :)

    My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up our Adornaments (made by FamilyLife). These are special ornaments in the shape of one of the names of Jesus (i.e. a lion for Lion of Judah, a crown for King of Kings, a star for Bright and Morning Star, etc.) that also have the Bible verse where the names can be found. As Christmas approaches, we put one up at night (there are 12 of them, I think) during our family's Bible time and read the verse and talk about it a little. It is definitely a highlight for me.

    I would probably pick the red one as that is Hannah's favorite color, and we would probably share.

    Rebekah Ekelund

    chemgeek9@yahoo.com (or Facebook)

  2. Watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' with the whole fam on Christmas Eve and eating dad's peanut butter popcorn.

    I would like the red one :)


    I am your sister.

  3. My favorite christmas tradition would be eating christmas morning brunch with the fam annnnnd opening stockings and presents right when we wake up in the morning. :)

    I would like the 2nd one.


  4. Hi Danae, You are so creative! I love the headbands you make. :)

    My favorite Christmas tradition is watching White Christmas with my family and decorating the tree.

    I would pick the red headband. It's beautiful. And, I would share it with my roomies. :)



  5. my favorite Christmas tradition is making cookies and opening the stocking right when we wake up,

    i would like the 1 one

    Im Sophia your little sister :)

  6. My favorite Christmas tradition is sleeping in our sleeping bags in the living room the night we put our tree up :)
    Picking a headband was TOO hard................ but I'm going with the red one I THINK....!
    My name is Hannah. I went to camp with your sister Britta :) {I'm 17}
    email: hannahthompson93@gmail.com

  7. FUN!!I love going to my sisters house for dinner on Christmas night, It is so cozy and great to be with my family.
    The Red one is calling my name :)

  8. Hi Danae...love your blog and your lovely headbands!
    Hmmm, My favorite Christmas traditions (I can't pick just one) would be baking holiday sweets, especially Kringla and going to Christmas Eve candlelight service.
    I would choose the red headband...love the knitting!
    My name is Diane.
    Thanks for offering up this give-away...very sweet of you!

  9. 1. I love the Christmas Eve service at the church I grew up in. It's at 11 at night, all in candlelight, lots of pretty Christmas carols. :)
    2. #1
    3. Kari
    4. karialissa@gmail.com

  10. yay danae! this is exciting!!
    i dont really think my family has any traditions, but one of the things i enjoy the most about the christmas season is probably my dad singing christmas songs around the house (he does a great impression of a horse whinnying:) also sledding! ice skating! and the fact the christmas is one of the few days where the four of us just sit around the house and no one goes anywhere. we are ALL together ALL day..tis magical

    i would like the first one please...though i would be willing to accept the second one as well

    charlotte marshall

    cdmarshall19@gmail.com (thats a 19 if you cant tell cuz i cant tell)

  11. One of my favorite traditions would have to be eating kringle, ham and eggnog for breakfast on Christmas morning once all the presents have been opened.

    I love the red ear warmer.. looks so cozy!

    Abi Kramer


  12. 1. My favorite holiday tradition has to be when my mom's side of the family all gets together, has supper, does a white elephant exchange and then go to this park in Downtown La Crosse where they have the rotary lights! Such a cool thing.
    2. Red headband!
    3. Megan
    4. bain.mega@uwlax.edu

  13. Oh my Gosh! They are both soo so pretty! I think that if I don't win, I will eventually need to buy some from you like those anyway hahaha.
    Ok soo..family tradition. We don't have many traditions with my family and holidays but I do love waking up the morning of Christmas, I usually try to find some Christmas music and we wake everyone up bright and early so we can open presents. :) Makes me feel little again, and of corse before we open our presents everybody needs to be awake and ready, so we tear into the stockings first. This year my mom wants to go the the Christmas Eve and Christmas services at my church, for the first time so I have a feeling that will be one of my favorite after this year.

    I love both..Like a lot. :)
    But one that I am already planning on buying from you reminds me of the first one, so I would pick the red one, beautiful color choice :)

    Sammy Grover :)
    groversa@mnstate.edu or Sammy91@cableone.net Orrr facebook, which I check most haha

    Awesome idea for the give away!! Have fun with it and have an awesome break

  14. Aaah, the possibility of something free has lured me from my silent stalking of your blog.

    I enjoy reading your blog--you're so creative!

    My favorite Christmas tradition is yet to be discovered. My babies who will both be celebrating their first Christmas this year, and I am looking forward to creating new traditions with them and the hubs.

    I am going to chose the beautiful red earwarmer with three flowers.

    Kim Olson, christsg[at]hotmail[dot]com

    Merry Christmas!

  15. Favorite Christmas Tradition- Definitely a hard one to narrow down, Mostly I love putting up and staring at Christmas Lights. They are almost magical. ;)
    A good ear warmer is always welcome around my head! Especially love the red!
    Thanks so much for doing this.
    Christine *Steenie*

  16. Hey Danae!

    First--I love following your blog
    Second--my favorite Christmas tradition is every year my parents bring my sister and I to a store where we pick out one ornament for the tree. So every year I get a new ornament as an early Christmas gift. This year I live in an apartment in the cities, my roommates decided to get a tree and I was able to bring some of my favorites of these ornaments to the apartment, a little piece of home, and put on the tree.
    Third--I love the single flower headband (#1)

    Merry Christmas!

  17. 1. favorite christmas tradition- chillin at my grandmas house. straight chillin.
    2. either one
    3. Tom Stadum
    4. Rick

  18. 1. Sippin hot cocoa and sledding christmas morning right after opening presents
    2. Either one.
    3. Camila Hueck
    4. you gots it.

  19. The tradition I remember LOATHING when I was little but now love is the Christmas talent show. We all had to do a little "number" before we could open gifts...it was manipulation at its greatest. We used to have to do it at Grandma's house too . . .not sure if you would have been around for those. :) I was/am an introvert so it was AWFUL for me . . however, now I love watching the little nephews sing a song, etc.

    LOVE the red headband.

    Sabrina Knudsen

  20. I have many favorite holiday traditions but among the best is the time after dinner but before opening gifts when the whole family just sits in the living room and spends time together:) Closely followed by candle light service on Christmas eve.

    I LOVE all of your headbands but I think I prefer the red one:)

    Brittany Cossette
    britt_cossette11@hotmail.com orFacebook inbox.

    Keep up the awesome work Danae!

  21. We were never very good at keeping traditions going from year to year, but one thing that did remain consistent was our evening with my Grandpa and Grandma:

    Our family always celebrated on Christmas Eve at my Grandparents house. When we arrived, we would step inside to see their home transformed into a traditional Christmas wonderland. The banister was enveloped in garlands of evergreen and strung with twinkling lights. As we went up the stairs our eyes would catch sight of the candles scattered throughout the room, crimson and gold accents all over, and finally the magnificently decorated tree that reached nearly the height of the ceiling. Below and surrounding the tree were dozens of beautifully wrapped presents. Our young eyes we gaze in eager wonder. We would soon be ushered into the dining room by the wonderful aroma of the Christmas feast my Grandma had begun preparing days ahead of time. After dinner, dessert, and coffee, we would all gather around my grandpa in the living room and listen to his steady voice read the story that was the cause for all of our celebration. All of my childhood anticipation for the presents I would receive would disappear during those moments. A stillness would come over everyone. After the story was read, my brothers would begin handing out gifts and the piles of wrapping paper and bows would grow. That night, after all the festivities had ended I would fall asleep perfectly happy and would wish that I didn't have to wait a whole year for it to all happen again.

    I would pick the headband with the single flower and the leaf.

    annalisao@gmail.com (annalisa overgaard)

  22. My favorite Christmas tradition:
    Going to the Black Hills to stay in a cabin with my family where Christmas Eve consists of eating shrimp cocktail, playing board games together, and opening one present. The following days include snowmobiling & snowboarding.

    Emily Heath

    I choose the red headband

    (I'm a friend & roommate of Mary's in Mankato. She's the only reason I found your blog. I take the pictures of her. You've inspired me to start a blog, which I haven't quite done yet. I also enjoy knitting... Mary's actually the one who taught me how, ha.)


  23. First I want to say your etsy store and blog are both creative and inspiring, you really have a great talent

    1. My favorite tradition growing up was always watching the 25 days of christmas on abc family with my dad, and I also loved going to church on christmas eve because it meant we would open presents up after the service. Things changed last christmas though, because my dad was home from basic training and getting ready to head to Afghanistan for a year. So last christmas was all about enjoying what could be our last holiday and few days together and making good memories as a family. This year is all about remembering how to be a family and thanking God for bringing my father back home three days ago. I'm not concerned with the christmas movies, or even the gifts, but rather focussing on spending time with my dad, and making up for a lost year before I head back to college. I think this christmas will start a new tradition for us, one in which we don't worry about the christmas hype, but instead focus on family and spending time together while we can.

    2. #1

    3/4. Victoria. victoria.cornell@student.indwes.edu

  24. Making Chirstmas Cookies with my mom!

    The red one.


  25. my favorite christmas tradition is on christmas eve where my family gathers with our bowls of rice pudding singing christmas carols!



    -anna iverson

  26. I absolutely love your headbands :)

    My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with my cousins at my Grandma's house, where we hardly have any room to move around because there are so many people. I also like making/eating Christmas cookies and fixing puzzles with my dad and brother.

    I like the 1st headband.

    -Misty Schwab

  27. The headbands are wonderful Danae!
    And so are the DIY earrings you made!
    You are just so beautifully creative!

    My Favorite Christmas tradition is being with the family sharing laughs and love.
    I would love the 1st one. The color is my favorite.
    This is Brooke.
    My e-mail address is kilberbr@mnstate.edu

    Have a BLESSED Christmas! :)


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