I'm putting off studying for my last final of the semester, which happens to be in 2.5 hours. It is a Philosophy essay final and I'm pretty sure I got it in the bag : ) Then I am an official senior since I will be graduating next December! I also received some awesome news yesterday, one of the classes required for my Social Work major was canceled, meaning I am only going to need 1 summer class instead of 2, and then I will intern in the fall. I am also thinking about taking my social work licensure exam this summer, so I will (hopefully)be licensed during my internship. Yikes. I feel so old. I can't believe how much more I know and yet I still feel like I don't know anything. It scares me to death to think of having a 'real' job, much less be licensed for it. It is working out so beautifully and I'm really thankful, Michael will graduate next spring so I will be able to work full time his last semester during his student teaching (he is a social studies secondary education major).
This break I plan on catching up with some old friends, spending some quality family time, start regularly utilizing the workout center on campus, go sledding at least once, have a girls weekend in the cities, knit and sew and create a lot, and be cozy. Also, plan a possible spring break road trip to California with my man (adventures)!


  1. Hope your final goes smoothly! I'm excited to see you next week=)

    p.s. it's crazy that we are graduating soon. real life? wow.

  2. I know!, it's for real now.
    (excited to see you too!)


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