In the winter, warmth is key, especially such cold temps like in Fargo! I try to keep warm with lots of layers, scarves, and tights. I usually layer my tights so that my skirts and dresses can still be worn (on the "warm" days, that is). Thick sweaters and cardigans are so cozy, I find myself wearing them almost everyday so that my tank tops and short sleeve shirts can be used even in the winter.

This girl from lookbook.nu has some cute outfits featuring cozy sweaters, skirts, and tights. Gotta love those leather bags too.....
p.s. I've almost used up all of my free photo space from blogger, so I'm going to have to purchase more space...luckily it's cheap : )


  1. Cute! I'll have to check it out. I love #2 and the last one.

  2. Fun! She has great style, and these are great ideas for winter wear!
    It's surprisingly cold here in Korea, too. A couple weeks before I left temperatures were around mid-50s, and now they're at mid-30s :( I know compared to Fargo that's pretty good, but having to walk everywhere certainly doesn't help (at least until I figure out the subway and bus system).
    I really love her first outfit! I don't think I'm brave enough to pull off something like that, but it looks awesome.

  3. Oh, happy 6 month anniversary :):) !

  4. Angela! I'm so excited you're in Korea but I'm sorry it's so brrrr. I hope you have some warm clothes! And I think you totally could pull off that first outfit ; )


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