Michael is currently reading Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a book about Christian community and fellowship. While at home this past weekend visiting Michael's parents, we got on the topic of church, and Michael shared something that had stuck out to him from Life Together. He said that in this book, Dietrich states that all corporate worship/songs are is a vehicle for corporate prayer. It is a way for the entire congregation to pray the same thing at the same time. This got me to thinking, wow, not very many churches treat it like that!

I challenge you when you go to church on Sunday to look around during worship and watch how people behave during the worship songs, do they look like people in prayer, talking to the Creator of the universe? Do they look like people in the presence of their Savior? Do they look engaged? There isn't a 'right' or 'wrong' way to worship, but God does require our attention, and when a body of believers is focused and giving all their attention on Christ during worship, the atmosphere is totally different. You can tell.

Corporate public worship should come from an overflow of your quiet time with the Lord. You should be pouring your heart out to him in the secret place, and so when Sunday morning comes, it is only natural to pour your heart out in worship (like David did in the Psalms). It is not to be an emotional show, it is to be an expression of deep love and gratitude to the Lord; sometimes that is expressed in singing, sometimes in silence, sometimes in tears, sometimes in laughter, sometimes in writing, sometimes in dancing, sometimes in kneeling, and sometimes in raising your hands. There are so many ways to express your praise to Jesus, but it is to be expressed. If we have no desire to express our deep love for Jesus then what is really going on in our hearts? What are we expressing deep love for? As humans, we were made to love, it is part of our make up, and God is jealous for our deepest affections. He wants our hearts and our minds and our praise, in church, in our quiet time, and in our daily lives. Let's throw off anything that hinders, and give our whole selves to the one who deserves our everlasting praise and wholehearted devotion.


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  1. Thank you, Danae. These are such good words. I'd never thought explicitly about the idea of praying as a body like that.

  2. Thank you guys : ) yes Alisa- I hadn't really either but it's so great, isn't it.


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